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Signs Of Unstable Blood Sugar In Your Body

The body of humans are incredibly good at telling them what they need. Symptoms appear when our bodies are deficient in some way. When you cut yourself, for example, blood spills and a scab forms on the wound. The body does all of this on its own.

Signs that your body's sugar balance is out of whack

1.Extra Belly Fat is a first sign of excess belly fat in the center. The pancreas secretes Insulin Hormone, which helps to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. When the body produces too much insulin, it instructs the body to store the excess fat.

2. A Strong Desire For Glucose And Sugary Foods. If your body is continually craving sweet foods like glucose, sweet glue, pastries, drinks, or sweets, you may be suffering from dysbiosis or candida, or your blood glucose level is abnormal.

3. Insulin resistance occurs when the organs of the body become resistant to the insulin released by the pancreas. Carbohydrate intolerance might develop if your blood sugar levels fluctuate. After eating, tiredness is a sign of a blood sugar imbalance.

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