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Good News To Ugandans After Yoweri Museveni Makes This Move

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda had hit the nation badly almost bringing every activity to a standstill. Earlier there were rumours that Museveni was air lifted to Germany for treatment. It was also claimed that his son was taken to Kenya after his condition became very critical. However, several deaths were reported and this created fear and tension in the country.

Today, Museveni has decided to excite Ugandans after delivering good news. In his remarks he said that he is a aware that the ultimate solution to Covid-19 lies in vaccinating all his people. The government, with the help of the African Union and other partners, will fast-track the acquisition of sufficient dozes of vaccines to cover the entire population, Museveni said.

He also said that, alongside efforts to develop their own vaccine are underway. Museveni said that his government will continuing to talk with India, the USA, China and Cuba for the Johnson-Johnson vaccine. Meanwhile, the age-old cures that kept our forefathers disease-free must be given attention to improve on them and preserve their use, he said.

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