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Things you did not know Robb (menthol)could do

I am sure that we all have robb in our houses and we only know a limited number of uses of robb. Here are some of the uses you did not know about robb popularly known as (Kaluma )or menthol.

Clearing stretch marks.

Stretch marks is one insecurity people especially women have.Robb can be used to clear stretch marks. Apply rob on areas affected by stretch marks for about two weeks and you will see the shocking results.

Smoothening cracked feet.

Cracked feet is one problem we all want to get rid off in order to be neat. Just apply robb on your feet and areas with cracks at night, put on your socks and sleep. Robb will help smoothen the cracked areas and with time your feet will be as smooth as a baby's.

Preventing mosquito bites.

Apply Robb on parts of your body prone to mosquito bites before going to sleep. This remedy will keep off mosquitoes for the better part of the night.


Robb is a great remedy that can be used to get rid off ugly bruises and clear the scar in a very short time span. Apply robb on the affected area regularly.


Robb has been used for the longest time in our households to kill pain especially headaches. It is fast, effective and does no harm to the body. Apply robb on your forehead when you have headaches and watch it do wonders.

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Kaluma Painkiller Robb


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