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How Racism Is A Killer Disease

Racism is abhorrent & ugly, and it plagues our world.We must reject and condemn it without reservation, without hesitation, without qualification, every time and everywhere-Antonio.When rich countries give poor countries loans that they can't be able to pay back in exchange of their natural resources and the UN is not doing anything about it, that's racism! You can't protect us so don't hurt us by pretending that you care about us,says Checklist.

Am an Assylum seeker because of Racism, I have been denied access to social welfare, basic needs since 2019 thinking am fraudulent. I feel it is better to live in danger back in Uganda than in Netherlands where I thought it was Safer @Luyig.

What is really the solution to racism1.Respect each other basis of human being 2. Respect human fundamental rights 3. Humanity basis of human being.RACISM is a serious problem which is a strongly violation of human fundamental rights and examples of injustice,says Soh.

Everyone should have equal rights and constitutional guarantee for job and land to live and land for earnings.Every country must made National Citizens Register and Population Control Law.Uniform Civil Code, says Sigh.

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