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Why The Deaf People Who Cannot Speak Are Not In A Position To Physically Speak Too

Human being are meant to be complete if they have all the characteristics that make them human. On of this characteristics is the sense of hearing. Among the five senses,this one is very important. Now that we have different disabilities, why is it that the deaf cannot talk either? Let us see:

A deaf person is one who cannot hear. This may be partial or regular. If one was born with this defect,then it is so obvious that the person cannot speak. This is simply because we talk out of what we hear. Look at our babies. They normally imitate what they discover from their surrounding members.

Biologically, from the different stages of human growth and development where the phallic stage is important, we expect our children to undergo this. This is the stage where imitation begins. Am sorry if one is born deaf,then this imitation can only be shown by physical signs. Therefore, the main reason why the deaf cannot speak too is that they cannot hear what others speak and speak it too.

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