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Are You Suffering From Headaches? Get Tested For These 5 Deadly Illness That Can Be Life-Threatening

Headaches are a common symptom and almost everyone in the world has experienced this uncomfortable feeling, research shows that 90% of the time headaches are benign and there is no need of worry but the bad news is that the remaining 10% headaches are a symptom of a serious underlying illness. So when is a headache just a headache and when does it mean something more?

5 Arrythmia

This is a common type of heart disease caused by electrical malfunction which causes the heart to beat in irregular patterns called palpitations. This illness is known to cause headaches dizziness and extreme cases of ventricular fibrilations death may occur within minutes.

4 Diabetes

Headaches are one of the major symptoms for undiagnosed diabetes the headaches are mostly as a result in change in blood sugar levels especially when there are high glucose levels in the blood. The severity of the headaches vary from moderate to serious. Getting tested for diabetes may go a long way in ensuring you maintain healthy glucose levels.

3 High Blood Pressure

also referred to as Hypertension is a deadly illness that shows little or no symptoms at all making diagnosis very hard most people with hypertension do not even know they are victims. Research shows that during an evert known as Malignant hypertension pressure builds up in the cranium causing a severe headache.

2 Epilepsy

The relationship between headaches and epilepsy is a very close one in some studies they have shown that headaches may lead to epileptic seizure and also seizures may also cause severe headaches which are short lived, sometimes victims even do not remember the headaches after a seizure

1 Stroke

People who have experienced this, describe it as a sudden severe headache that develops within seconds and will probably be experienced hours or a day before a stroke attack. People who are at high risk of getting stroke should be cautious of headaches cause they could be a red flag that things are not so great.

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