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Current possible Signs that you could test positive for covid 19. Do not ignore this signs please.

Covid 19 has possed a great threat to the lifes of so many people from across the globe. Since its break in the country many have lost there loved ones and more lifes continue to be lost.

When it first broke, the possible signs that one had contracted the deadly virus was through coughing, high temperature rise, headache sore throat among many.

Today, the signs have become mild and invisible hence posing a great threat to the lifes of everyone across the globe. One of the very common symptoms now is loss of sense of smell and taste for food and everything.

Loss of taste and sense of smell are the distinct symptoms of covid 19. Some may feel light head and runny nose too. Irritation also may occur at the throat area.

Less common symptoms are dry cough, fever, diarrhoea and tiredness. People with mild symptoms are advised to isolate from home and take precautions.

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