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Bill Gates Rubbishes Claims Of Microchipping People Using Covid-19 Vaccine

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Bill Gates has come out clear that their is nothing like microchip in covid-19 vaccine. This comes after several false conspiracy theories being spread that the vaccine is a way to microchip innocent people.

In a short video posted USA Today, Bill Gates also questioned why he will be involved in such a thing.

Bill Gates has invested a lot to ensure that the vaccine is developed. The vaccine is meant to be supplied to at least 75-80% of the world's population. However, Bill Gates expressed his worry if people refuse to take the vaccine. This will mean that we will never get rid of coronavirus.

The people who will reject the vaccine could be the potential spreaders of the virus. Watch a short clip as Bill Gates explains in the link here:

Similar false conspiracy theories were made in Africa, the polio vaccine which could have helped several children was rejected by some people.

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