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Never Boil Meat With The Following Ingredients And Main Reasons

In this article,we will about main Reasons why you must avoid using these two ingredients to boil your meat and how they will hurt your liver and kidneys if you keep using them:

1. Potatoes

2. Paracetamol

So please take that information seriously to protect your life and life of the guests you cook for. If you know someone uses it to cook please warn them if they fail to stop

Potash and Paracetamol are not intended for cooking purposes , especially because they produce under heat, particularly paracetamol. These chemicals are able to gradually kill the liver and kidney cells, because your body pass these chemicals to your liver and renal for detoxifying purposes, but when stored in large amounts.

For paracetamol, I found out that one set of drugs is used to make their meats quicker. First of all this is an overdose and usually excess paracetamol in the body induces hepatotoxicity, which is the destruction of liver-cell. The liver and renal cells in the body are two essential cells, involved in almost all metabolic processes, if you damage them, it not only endangers the liver, but the whole system.

1. Before the liver the medications can’t be absorbed

2. The body can’t retain too much of what you consume as nutrients that can lead to high sugar levels and high concentrations of amino acid in the body (protein digestion) without the liver, which can cause many health issues.

3. Your body can’t flush toxins or liquid waste out of your body without your kidney

4. Your body can’t control blood pressure without your kidney, particularly for people with heart attacks or high blood pressure.

5.The body can’t control the body water content, which can lead to an excessive buildup of water or other chemicals in your body that can cause an edema (or swellings in certain areas of your body, such as your neck and leg, etc.) medical condition.

You will prevent these things if you consider cooking your meat with these two ingredients.

Thanks and stay safe.

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