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The Five Types of Cancer That Have High Mortality Rates

Cancer occurs as a result of irregular cell growth in the body.Some types of cancer with high mortality rates include;

#prostate cancer-the prostate is a small,walnut shaped gland in males that produces seminal fluid that nourish and transport sperm.Some symptoms of prostate cancer include;pain or difficulty urinating, bloody urine,fatigue.#Pancreatic cancer-the pancreas is an organ located across the back of the abdomen behind the stomach.It aids in digestion by releasing important enzymes and hormones and sugar management in the body. symptoms of pancreatic cancer include;jaundice that is yellowing of the eyes and skin,dark coloured urine,pale coloured stools,blood clots,weight loss. #Lung cancer- the lung is the main organ of the respiratory system responsible for adding oxygen to and removing oxygen from the blood. Symptoms of blood cancer include;coughing up blood,chest pain,hoarseness,bone pain,headache. #Liver-an organ responsible for detoxification,protein synthesis,glycogen regulation.Symptoms of liver cancer include;weight loss,nausea,vomiting,loss of appetite,fatigue,abdominal swelling.#Stomach-an organ responsible for holding food,digesting and breaking it.Symptoms of stomach cancer include; indigestion,appetite changes,nausea,vomiting.

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