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The Most Corona Virus Vaccinated Countries in Africa

Corona virus is currently the world's largest pandemic for since it's outbreak in 2019 where the first case was reported in Wuhan it has completely changed the world's life style and introduction of things like wearing of face mask is now compulsory in most of the countries in the world.

The world is currently experiencing the third wave of the virus which is even more deadlier than the first and the second waves for countries like Brazil are recording more than 4 000 deaths in a single day, the World Health Organization has now advised countries to vaccinate their citizens in order to lower the virus spread rate.

Here are the most Corona virus vaccinated countries in Africa;

1. Morocco (8.73 million)

2. Nigeria (1.05 million)

3. Ghana (755 686)

4. Kenya (651 650)

5. Senegal (376 974)

6. Rwanda (349 427)

7. Angola (300 548)

8. South Africa (292 623)

9. Zimbabwe (285 881)

10. Malawi (251 368)

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