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Illustrations Revealing The Cold Harsh Truth Of The World Today

Pictures tell a lot and can be perceived easily when they tend to show certain situations that happen in life. Lately illustrations are being used as a platform to express how people feel about the world that we are living in today, the numerous social problems or unforseen evils that also exist and that take place everywhere around it. Take a look at some of them and decide for yourself;

1.The race to survive really never truly ends

2.The universal key to the heart

3.Money the ultimate problem solver

4.Affairs break up families

5.Nobody truly cares to what is going on

6.The roots of addiction are dangerous

7.Respect women! They go through so much

8. Always set an example

9.Politics in hand with corruption

10.Always choose your friends wisely

11.Before you assume try and put yourself in someones shoes

12.unequal opportunities

13.Time can never be recovered use it well

14.Break free and take control of your life

Content created and supplied by: DanteyZankaTione (via Opera News )



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