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Best Foods For Diabetics

Evidence suggests that certain foods can help to curb sugar spikes and improve insulin resistance that may eventually lead to less dependence on medications. Adiet that is loaded with fresh vegetarian,fibrous fruits,health proteins and good for diabetics;

1•Whole grains

Whole grains have loads of fibre and nutrients as compared to refined whitr grains. Fibre slows the digestion process,thus nutrients are absorbed by the body at a slower pace ,preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Also ,whole grains have a lower glycemic index,thus having comparatively less impact on blood sugar levels.

2•Green leafy vegetables _Green leafy vegetables contain loads of nutrients and low in calories. They are also low in carbohydrates which may raise our blood sugar fibre.They are rich in dietary fibre,phytochemicals,vitamins and minerals. Their consumption is known to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Diabetics should eat raw vegetables like salad,at the beginning of meals since cooking vegetarian can destroy certain phytochemicals.

3•Nuts_Research suggests that nuts are highly beneficial for type 2 diabetes.Consuming nuts along with a controlled diet csn help in improving blood sugar levels in patients with types 2diabetes.


Consumption of garlic improves glycemic status and is known to reduce fasting and post evandial blood sugar levels.

Garlic also contains vitamin B6 and vitamin C.Vitamin B 6helps in carbohydratesmetabolism and vitamin C helps to maintain blood sugar levels.

Diabetics can condume raw garlic or add it to foods or they can even have garlic supplements available in the market.

4•Cinnamon _Cinnamon enhances the release of insulin and the signalling og insulin receptors,thus helping in the management of diabetes. It is also a powerful antioxidants,ore the developmentof diabetes. Cinnamon also prevents a sudden rise in sugar levels after meals.


Beans are loaded with nutrition. They are rich in fibre and protein,keeping us full longer and reducing our carbohydrates intake.

Beans also have a low glycemie index and effectively reduce book sugar level. Gl of soyabean is 15,while kidney beans are 28 and chickpeas is 33.Beans thus are extremely beneficial for diabetics.

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