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Prevent Frequent Nosebleeding By Doing This

The following steps will help you not get caught with nosebleeding:

1.Quit smoking

If you have been drunk with cigarettes, quitting use is important to reduce the risk of bleeding in your nose, smoking drys your noses and also makes soft nose tissue used.

2. Flash the mucus slowly

Do not use force to coat when you penetrace, this can cause bleeding in the nose

3. Don't insert fingers into your nose every time

Fingers hold a lot of stuff by keeping them on the nose every time it can bring soft nose tissue to us and thus causing bleeding.

4. Sneez while your mouth open

It often occurs when you are in a group of people sneezing by squeezing the mouth, it is dangerous because it can cause a high blood pressure on the nose' blood vessels, rupture and bleeding.

5. Use foods rich in vitamin K

These foods are like green vegetables such as spinach, garlic, cucumbers, yogurt milk, cabbage and broccoli.

6. Use in bulk foods containing vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C are like Mapera, papaya, oranges, broccoli, mangoes, cauliflower, lemon and red pepper.

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