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Astra Zeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Works Actively for Just Six Months

Astra zeneca vaccine can only last for up to six months actively after which one is able get infected by covid-19 even after taking the vaccine. This is according to Dr. Godfrey Kakai the vaccine dose is able to take just six months then it deactivates and one is able to get infected. He further explained that the second dose of the vaccine is very important as it boosts the immunity of the body.

When Oxford astra zeneca vaccine is taken it becomes very active and one is not as to be infected by the virus. The vaccine boosts the body system immunity by production of antibodies which are very active from the date of taking the dose and deactivates or becomes less active with time. According to Dr. Kakai astra zeneca vaccine is advantageous because it boosts the immunity for sometimes.

This vaccine also works best depending on the immunity system of people administered to. Its is highly merited on people with original or stronger immunity than the weaker immune system like those with hypertension, diabetes and other diseases. The vaccine therefore does not 100 percent secure someone from the virus but it protects to some extent.

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