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10 health benefits after drinking moderate alcohol.Women have more benefits

Alcohol has good health impact in the human body? Without focusing on the negative side, today I will discuss good health effects resulting from taking alcohol.

1. Burning fats.

If you want to lose some weight, a glass of red wine can help you with weight loss. This is due to a chemical known as 'pelagic' acid that slows down the growth of fat cells and stopping new ones from forming. This boosts metabolism of fatty acids.

2. Improve sexual strength in men.

This does not mean you start drinking every brand that you come across with. Moderate drinking of wine leads to lower rates of erection dysfunction. Heart-healthy antioxidants found in wines is responsible for that.

3. Libido-boosting in women.

Women who drink a glass of vino have increased sexual desire compared to those who don't drink.

4. Brain protection.

In a study by the journal of Agricultural and Food chemistry, s report showed that beer could help in protecting the brain cells. With the help of a compound found in beer known as xanthohumol slows down the progress of a brain disease.

5. Bones strengthening beer.

The study shows that beer contain high silicon content. This helps in increasing bone density. Consuming 1 or 2 glasses a day you may have that effect. Also, many benefits for women in that at postmenopausal, women who take 2 glasses per day experience an increase of up to 8.3 percent.

6. Boosting creativity during projects.

Cranberry and Vodka can help your creative juices flow. This was proven by a study from Consciousness and Cognition.

7. Vitamins.

Beer has vitamin riboflavin and thiamine. At also contain high levels of magnesium and calcium.

Dark beers contain high iron which boost blood circulation around the body.

8. Memory boost.

A study shows that a compound found in red grapes can improve memory. So when you are sipping that glass of wine and an old memory pops in your head, definitely the wine is responsible.

9. Help sore throat

If you have a sore throat, whiskey comes in handy during this moment. Mix it with warm water and honey, drink this and your throat is cured.

10. Lose weight.

Tequila helps in lowering the levels of glucose. Stick only to one shot!

Other health benefits are;

Heart friendly — Vodka has benefits of high resveratrol, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory.

Reduce diabetes risk — beer

With this the number is 1-2 glasses, more than this you will be in the risk of getting diabetes. This sounds crazy, but studies have proven it.

Kidney heath boost — beer can help in reducing risk of kidney stones.

Lowering heart attack (women) — beer

Menopause alleviating — beer

Fighting cold — wine.

This does not mean whenever it is cold you should be taking bottles of beer. But for moderate drinkers this comes in handy during the cold seasons.

With large numbers of Kenyan youths taking alcohol, this has created a very bad reputation on alcohol. Most of this heavy drinkers do not know that they are destroying their bodies and been at risk of having too many body complications.

With all these heath benefits I don't give an okay to drinking. Alcohol is also not good to your health.

Content created and supplied by: PYTAH_PK (via Opera News )



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