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Nutritive Value Of Omena And Why You Should Always Take It

Omena is a small fish that can be served alongside various meals such as ugali. Its health benefits are numerous and diverse. The nutrients found in omena are very useful which is why it is recommended for people who need high nutrients levels including children and pregnant women. It is a sure source of calcium and iron in the body.

For pregnant women who crave for calcium which is why most of them would be seen near anthills snacking on the soft clay, eating omena is the best solution to supply the missing nutrients.

According to nutritionists,eating omena supplies a higher amount of protein in the body than any other protein source such as mutton, beef or even chicken. They are also an excellent source of calcium which is found in their bones.

Omena is also consumed wholly, this means that all the nutrients are taken into the body. As a matter of fact, consistent consumption of omena supplies about 185% of calcium in the body out of the required 200%.

Calcium and phosphorous are key in the development of teeth and strong bones. This is why it is best recommended for growing children who are still developing as well as pregnant women who have babies forming in their wombs.

Nevertheless, omena has been proven to a great source of some nutrient such as niacin and folate as well as B12. All these vitamins are part of the vitamin B group and a major requirement in the energy forming process. They are useful in cell energy formation and should form a great part of the eating plan.

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