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Activities that you should avoid few weeks after giving birth.

1) Lifting heavy objects

Please try to avoid lifting heavy things or bending down because it can put pressure on either your vaginal tear or your C section.


Do not strain while you poop. You have done enough straining. Straining can cause bleeding, damage stitches or healing tissues, and it will outright hurts! Drink lots of water, and take s stool softener for a few days.

3) Sex.

Your body needs time to heal. Doctor usually recommend waiting for 4-6 weeks to have sex to reduce risk of infection, increased bleeding, or re-opening healing tissue.

4) Swimming

Do not try to go swimming, at least untill you have stopped bleeding. This is not good for you and it will also make you more susceptible to infection.

5) Eating.

Do not forget to eat food. This might sound pretty simple right now but when that lack of sleep kicks in it's pretty easy to forget.

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