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Men: How To Stop Urine Dripping

Urine Dripping is a common problem experienced at every age. The tiny drops after urination may be very embarrassing especially when you are walking in public.

The experience can be a medical condition because the little drops you see may be a sign of weakening of muscles.

The following are some tips on how you can stop urine dribbling.

1) Exercise on the Pelvic Floor.

This will help in stoping the the urine from leaking and also displaying in the pants. When you do a pelvic floor you help to improve the efficiency of your bladder and you will be able to have a bowel control.

After you have finished urinating give your self some time so that your bladder will be able to empty completely.

You can also shake so that there will be no urine left to drip.

Avoid drinks that have too much caffeine in your body so that the salts in your body will be removed.

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