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How Smoking Affects People Living with HIV &AIDS

Smoking related illness are the major causes of deaths resulting in HIV and AIDS patients. Smoking increases the risks of diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, stroke,tuberculosis and respiratory illnesses.Smoke damages the cells lining the lungs,when one smoke the damage begins immediately.At first the body corrects the damage but continuous smoking damages the cells completely leading development cancer cells.Smoking affects one's immune system increasing the chances of other diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia and other viral infections that results due to HIV &AIDS. The tiny little hairs- like projections called cilia in the lungs, helps clear dust and other secretions,get heated by smoke causing them not to work well.Also inflammation in areas related to the immune system, making immune the system less effective to fight off diseases and killing cancer cells .Smoking reduces the effectiveness of the Antiretrovirals (ARTs).It also accelerates ageing of the brain and as you knows, HIV affects brain by bringing loss of memory, confusion and poor thinking skills.Smoking therefore, makes one to default taking Antiretrovirals (ARTs).

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