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Why you should cook every meal with coriander(dhania)-health benefits

Coriander is commonly known to Kenyans as 'dhania' is a plant used as a food additive especially for proteinous foods and soups. It has a very unique smell and it makes your food very rich in flavor. Well aside from the great taste here are more reasons why you should use it more often.

1. It is rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are of a lot of benefits to the human body, aside from preventing the formation of free radicals and reactive oxygen species in the body, which would otherwise cause cancers antioxidants also help fight inflammation in the body which results in in in boosting your immune system.

2. Promote digestion of ingested food and boost appetite

Dhania is known to contain an essential oil that helps in the digestion of food in your digestive system. Its sweet aroma also enhances appetite and can be of great use for people with minimal eating disorders.

3 . The skincare feature

Coriander leaves contain antioxidants as earlier indicated, these antioxidants are very good for smooth glowing skin.

They protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun and have been shown to reduce the rate at which the skin ages. Coriander leaves can also help to treat minimal skin illnesses such as dermatitis and acne.

4. Can help fight food borne illnesses

Coriander leaves contain substances that have antibacterial effects on the digestive system. As such disease-causing microorganisms such as salmonella ingested with food that would otherwise cause typhoid are destroyed in the gut before they can cause an illness.

5. Helps in lowering the blood pressure

Coriander contains substances that result in lowering the body's blood pressure. This guard against vulnerable individuals from developing high blood pressure. It can also help in individuals with a pre-existing case of high blood pressure.

It should however be noted that taking too much coriander is not good. It can produce harmful gut feelings for some people such as blotting especially in patients with inflammatory bowel syndrome. Coriander also has a very strong effect of lowering blood pressure and thus should be avoided in people with low blood pressure.

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