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2021 Top counties with HIV positive cases in Kenya

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.It is mainly tranitted from one person to another through sexual intercourse with an infected person.Some times back it was among the most deadliest diseases on earth but today it isn't.First ,it has no cure.Following the various researches carried out over the decades today one can live his/her life to the fullest.How?Just strictly following what one is told by his/her doctor they can lead a normal life.

Now what does that mean? It does not mean that we now start being careless on our behaviors.As a matter of fact the virus is still spreading and without proper care you might end up contracting it.

That one aside,today I am going to share with you the top counties in Kenya with the highest infections so far according to statistics from the National AIDS Control Council (NACC).


Siaya county from the Nyanza provide leads the list.In Siaya more women are affected as compared to men.


At number two and also from Nyanza region Homabay follows.In Homabay as well more women are affected than men.


Kisumu comes as the first city in Kenya on the list.It is also from the Nyanza region.More women as compared to men are infected by the HIV virus.


Migori follows at number four.The same trend of having more females than males continues here too.


Kisii comes at number five on this list.Different from the first four the ratio of men to women infected in goes goes at 50%.


Being in the Western region of Kenya Busia comes at number Six.Here again more women are reported than men.


Number two as per the Western Province of Kenya,Vihiga comes at position seven on the countrywide list.


This county neighbouring Vihiga comes at number eight closing the list of the Western region counties in the top ten.


At position nine Kitui had more than thrice number of infected females as compared to males.


Finally the capital city closes the list and many more counting to the last forty seventh county.

That is all for today,thank you so much for reading .Make sure you like ,share and follow for more information about this nation remember to take care of your health.Health is wealth!

Content created and supplied by: emmanuelsiema (via Opera News )

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