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Here Are Foods You Enjoyed In Festive Season But Are Dangerous To Your Health Status.

The effects of the food we consume quickly age the body and it is important to know and avoid it. Although we love these foods, they have a detrimental effect on our bodies and it is important to learn to stop eating them. If it is not easy to stop completely then at least reduce its use.

Red meat. One of the foods that age the skin is meat, especially red meat. Red meat derived from animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, and so on, is bad for human health and so on the skin as well. Red meat contains a chemical called carnitine that causes blood vessels to tighten and cause skin aging. Salt Salts mainly containing iodine are very bad for skin health. It causes skin cells in the skin to swell.

Sugar. although we love it, can have serious health consequences. It weakens the immune system. High levels of sugar in the body make the skin dry and cause the body to make wrinkles because it destroys the chemicals collagen and elastin which do the job of repairing the skin by making it less damaged and scratched. Too much sugar causes the body to lose its ability to fight bacteria. Increased bacteria cause the production of harmful chemicals that cause skin degradation. People are advised to use natural sugars such as fruit and honey rather than those found in beverages such as sodas, biscuits, or other snacks with added sugar.

Fried foods. Fried foods like chips, fried meats cause a lot of fat in the body. These oils contain cholesterol which cause inflammation of the skin. Too much fat in the body causes many other side effects including heart disease and diabetes. White bread, pasta, and cakes. These foods contain high levels of glycemic chemicals that cause skin diseases.

Alcohol. Drinking alcohol causes excessive dehydration through the urine and causes serious damage to the skin by making it dry.

Coffee. The chemical caffeine contained in coffee and other beverages causes a lack of water in the skin and makes it dry. But caffeine also stimulates the production of the chemical cortisol which contributes to skin aging

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