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Health; Foods To Avoid If You Are Undergoing Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is a disease that causes high blood sugar where the hormon insulin moves sugar from the blood into the cells. If a person has diabetes the body may not make enough insulin of can't effectively use their insulin it makes.There are 4 types of diabetes you should know, they include,

1.Type 1 Diabetes.

It attacks immune system and destroys cells in the pancreas where insulin is made.

2.Type 2 Diabetes.

It occurs when the body becomes resistance to insulin and sugar builds on the blood.


It occurs when the blood sugar is higher than it's normal.

4.Gestationl diabetes.

It is a high blood sugar which occurs especially during pregnancy period in women.

Here are some diabetes symptoms that you should not ignore, Increased hunger, weight loss, too much thirst, frequency urination, extreme fatigue and sore that don't heal. If you may encounter these symptoms see your doctor immediately.

For those who are understanding diabetes treatment, it good to know some of the foods to avoid in order to defeat this disease. Let's see some of the foods to avoid during meditation.


Sometimes you should be careful on taking foods with carbohydrates. Some foods with carbohydrates include, sugar, fiber and starch which can affect blood glucose levels more than other nutrients.

2.Avoid white bread, cakes, and other backed foods with white flour as they have alot of sugar.

3.It is also advisable to avoid white rice, white pasta, and whole grains that contain sugar on them.

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