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Reason why Uhuru has Been Injected on the Right Arm and Not the Left Like Others

Covid-19 pandemic has continued to affect the livelihoods of many Kenyans. The country is currently experiencing the third wave of the virus as confirmed by the rising numbers of daily infections and deaths. Many people have lost their loved ones to this dangerous virus.

The government has added more measures to halt the spread of this virus especially in Nairobi city and it's environs. President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced these new measures today, March 26, as advised by health experts. The new measures will take place until further notice.

Vaccine has been identified as one of the defense mechanism to fight the spread of this disease. The roll out in administering the vaccine has already kicked off in all parts of the country. However, there was some concerns by various Kenyans on why the president was not leading as an example in getting vaccinated.

Today, president Uhuru Kenyatta has cleared all the doubts after he publicly got vaccinated together with his cabinet. The president was however vaccinated on the right arm unlike the rest of Kenyans who mostly are vaccinated on the left arm. Click here to watch video.

According to vaccine injection rules, one can choose whichever arm you want to be injected. However, doctors advocate that one should be injected in the arm which is less active so that incase of side effects, it will not hinder the active arm.

In this case, president Uhuru Kenyatta is left-handed meaning that his left arm is more active than the right arm. It was therefore advisable for him to be injected on the right arm. This means that incase there are side effects such as pain, the president can still performing his duties such as writing.

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