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5 Foods You Should Avoid When Dealing With Stomach Ulcers & Sympotoms You Need to Know About It

Some foods have been discovered to worsen the condition of the stomach if you have ulcers. An ulcer occurs when the thick protective membrane layer lining the stomach is destroyed by stomach acid. These digestive acids destroy the protective membrane exposing the stomach wall to acids.

When an ulcer occurs, the membrane develops a sore which becomes painful when touched by the acids. However, stomach ulcers can be cured by the use of drugs that lower the acid levels in the stomach or by management by checking the foods you consume.

Here are some foods you need to avoid if you have stomach ulcers.

1. Seasoned spicy food

Spicy foods tend to irritate the lining membrane of the stomach where the sores have developed. These foods worsen the symptoms of the ulcer without you knowing.

2. Coffee

Most of us are addicts of coffee. Coffee is good because it does not cause ulcers but is harmful to ulcer people because the caffeine in it erodes the sore area of the membrane where the ulcer has formed. It's good to avoid it if you need to heal.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is worse for ulcer patients because it increases acid levels in the stomach. With increased acid levels in the stomach, there is increased pain. You need to avoid alcohol at all because it makes healing impossible.

4. Red meat

Every individual likes to eat meat but meat is not that good for stomach ulcer patients. This is because red meat takes a lot of time in the stomach to be digested and with delayed digestion, there is an increased acid level in the stomach. This will worsen the situation. You can avoid red meat and eat chicken instead.

5. Refined foods

Refined foods such as pasta and white bread contain a lot of acids and they need to be replaced with foods such as greens and vegetables.

Here are some symptoms of stomach ulcers that you need to know.


Heartburn can help you rule out stomach ulcers if they are relieved by over-the-counter drugs or if they are not that persistent.

Hiccups and Burps

When these two are present after eating or taking water then it's good to see a doctor for an examination to rule out ulcers.

Stomach pains

Persistent pains in the stomach may form a quick diagnosis of ulcers. If you feel persistent pain you need to see a doctor for an examination as soon as possible.


Feeling that you need to vomit especially after eating.

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