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5 Things You Should Never Do Immediately You Wake Up

1) Twisting And Turning Your Body

There are many morning habits we are accustomed to but are not healthy for us. For example, It feels good to stretch your body out in the morning, but avoid anything too aggressive. Flexing and bending when you first wakeup is not only harder but potentially dangerous." Move gently right when you wake up to avoid any injuries.

2) Never Drink Coffee

According to a research conducted by the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Maryland, USA, coffee is not required until half an hour after you start working. When you wake up and the first thing you think of is a cup of coffee you should stop this habbit immediately.

3) Don't Take A Hot Shower

Hot shower sometimes is a bit too relaxing because it makes your heart beat slow and leave you less energetic. You can opt for a cold-ish shower, this will make you more productive during the day and get you into the action

4) Stop Eating Heavy Meals As Soon As You Wake Up

Eating a heavy meal is sometimes risky to your healh as the body needs to acclimatize to a new day. Eat a light meal for breakfast, which should include carbohydrates as well as proteins. You can have your favorite food later in the day to make sure you have a good health.

5) Don't Think Negatively

Don't wake up in the morning and start thinking about you pending work , instead think of how you will complete your work because you have the whole day. Thinking possitively will help your day run smoothly and you will be much focused.

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