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Can your body become a battery in the future?Human body produces about 100 watts of power

The body of an average human being at rest normally produces about 100 watts over a short period of time of about an hour or two.

The energy is normally used to perform several tasks I the body such as flexing our muscles. But much of the energy is normally wasted in various forms such as heat energy. If the lost energy could be harnessed, it can be used instead of the chemically made batteries.

Some students from Wisconsin university came up with a special shoe that uses electrowetting to produce 10 watts of energy. You can imagine such large energy produced by our bodies just by walking.

What has not been clear is the amount of energy that can be drawn from the body without affecting its normal functioning. This is because if a lot of energy is drawn it might force the body to burn down all fat reserves in the body.

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