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Five Ways Of Safer Hugging Which Reduced Covid-19 Transmission

Hugging has good benefits to the health of a human being.Hugging lowers stress and blood pressure in the body.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus disease, hugging was denied since it needs closeness to each other which violates the rules and regulations of coronavirus.

The following are safer ways of hugging which helps reduce transmission of coronavirus disease:

1. Be selective

Ensure you choose those people you need to hug wisely.Its advisable to hug your family members and not beyond.Avoid hugging everyone. Don't hug elderly people since they are vulnerable to covid-19.

2. Make it quick

The length of time you spend in close contact with someone also makes a difference.Don't spend too long making face-to-face contact. Make it a brief hug and also avoid frequent hugging.Doing all this helps to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease.

3. Avoid face-to-face contact

Avoid face to face contact with people by ensuring you wear your mask and also turning your face away slightly from anybody within you.Ensure also to wash your hands and avoid touching objects or shaking hands.

4. Do it outside

Experts have always been clear that the risks from covid-19 are lower outside. The government advice on close contact also suggests hugging loved ones outside is safer.Avoid hugging in a congested or overcrowded areas since it's not well ventilated.

5. Get tested

The government has been emphasizing people and suggesting that people should make close contact safer, people should test themselves regularly even if they don't have symptoms of covid-19. Regular testing will help reduce risk of covid-19.

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