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Covid-19 Pandemic Might Take Longer To End (Opinion)

The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenge to entire world. At the beginning, people thought covid-19 pandemic will not last for long.

Many affected countries took the immediate actions by putting in some containment measures including:

1. Locking down the countries.

2 implementation of curfew

3. Discouraging crowding. Ensuring social distance is maintain.

Countries did this knowing that the measures put in place will help to decline the covid-19 positivity rate.

However, the measures put in place worked for only few countries.

However, from the example of our country, the positivity rate is not systematic. Sometimes the positivity rate increases and sometimes it decline.

Therefore, from the data give every day by the ministry of health, it is clear that the covid-19 pandemic might take longer than expected by many people.

The recent announcement from the Ministry Of Health records that the positivity rate is still above 5 percent. Therefore, it may take time for the positivity rate to decline to 5 percent and below.

Therefore, kenyans should accept as a challenge and try to adopt the new norms. Though, it may be do difficult, it is the only way to survive.

The government should just encourage people to follow the rules put in place.

In addition, kenyans should be ready to take any step given by the ministry of health. For instance, kenyans are urged to get Covid-19 vaccine.

Let us be optimistic that our country will be covid-19 pandemic free very soon. Let kenyans pray to God without ceasing that may God heal our land.

As a country, we have lost over 3k people, and over 1 million worldwide

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