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The 5 Plants to Reduce the Effects of Myopia

Myopia can be due to various factors such as nutritional deficiencies and that is the subject of this article. There is really no known cure or cure for myopia which is generally not considered a dangerous disease, ultimately you learn to live with it, correcting your eyesight with glasses or contact lenses.

However, there are herbal remedies for myopia which can otherwise completely cure the problem naturally, revitalize your eyesight a little especially if it is a deficiency problem.


Bilberry is well known for its beneficial effect on the eyes. It is also used for other eye conditions like red eyes, swollen eyes etc. Bilberry is known to reduce pressure on blood vessels - especially capillaries located in the eyes and strengthen these vessels. The result is an improvement in the health of the retina which improves the normal vision of the eyes.

The best way to consume these berries is by brewing tea.

For this you need to take 2 teaspoons of dried berries in a cup of water and boil.

Leave to infuse for half an hour

Drink three cups of this tea in a day.

As an alternative, you can also eat spoonfuls of blueberry jam which will also be a good herbal remedy for myopia.


Blackcurrant is a rich source of flavonoids and these nutrients are well known to improve vision in nearsighted people. You can buy black currant tincture or syrup (organic and artisanal if possible) in a specialty store and consume it according to the instructions on the package. You can also drink herbal teas from dried black currants.


This herb has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is able to reduce pressure on the eyes. Hence, it is widely used as one of the herbal remedies for myopia and glaucoma.

Its consumption is known to delay the onset of myopia and hyperopia and prevent the deterioration of these conditions.

Boil 100 g of dried horsetail in a liter of water for 10 minutes.

When the decoction has cooled, make eye baths with towels soaked in this concoction.


This herb can be consumed orally and used topically and is widely used for the treatment of many ailments. It is specifically beneficial if used as eye drops by people with nearsightedness.

Infuse dried chamomile flowers in a cup of water for 15 minutes.

Dampen a cloth or cotton ball in this water and apply to the eyes as herbal remedies for myopia.


Carrots are rich in vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene and have strong antioxidant properties. The best way to consume carrots is to extract the juice from them and drink at least two glasses a day. If you can do this every day, you will see the difference after a few days.

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