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7 Reasons To Drink Aloe Vera Juice Everyday

Aloe vera is a succulent plant .lt has thick fleshy leaves in which water is stored.It produced two substances,the aloe vera gel which is produced from the inner part of the leaves,and aloe vera latex which is found in the leaves'outer layers.Aloe vera gel is water mixed with other substances and aloe vera latex is sap which is produced just inside the upper layer of the leaves.

Here are some benefits of drinking aloe vera juice;

1•Alkalizes the body_The human body functions optimally when there is a balance between acidity and alkalinity.This is maintained by the food we eat.For the ideal balance between the two,our food should be eighty percent alkaline and twenty percent acidit.Also juice makes our body alkaline and helps keep the optimum balance needed for functioning. Diseases do not survive or flourish in a body which has theproper acid_alkali balance.

2•Helps in detoxing the body _The aloe vera juice had more of a gel like consistency rather then a watery consistency. When the leaf is split,the juice runs sluggishly rather than quickly. As it runs slowly through the intestinal track,it absorbs the toxins that are present and carries the the systems to be eventually eliminated.

3•Lowers high cholesterol _ Aloe vera contains a substance known as beta sitosterol.which has been shown to have the property of reducing high cholesterol level in.the blood and bringing it under contribution. This sterol has a chemical composition that helps stop cholesterol absorption thus reducing the overall levels in the body and promotes good cardiovascular health.

4•Fights inflation _ Influence can be present in the body for many reasons such as injury or as an autoimmune response,causing pain and reducing the capability of function. A loe vera juice had fatty acids ,salicylic acids and hormones called auxins and gabberelling that help in combating inflammation.

5•Relieves constipation _Aloe vera juice helps regulates the digestive system in case of both constipation and diarrhoea. It has twelve an anthraquinones, which are laxatives and promotes the well being of the entire digestive system.

6•Antioxidant_ Aloe vera is a very powerful antioxidant. Drinking aloe vera juice not only provides antioxidants to our systems, it also stimulates the body to engage its own antioxidant system. This internal system along with the antioxidants we get from the aloe vera itself,provides a strong protection from toxins and pollutants.

7•Provides all essential amino acids to the body_A human being needs twenty_two amino acids for the functioning of the body and can manufacture all but eight of these which it gets from the food and drinks we intake.All these eight amino acids are available in aloe vera.They include isoleucine,leucine,lysine,methionine ,phenylalanine,threonine,valine and tryptophan.

Before beginning a course of aloe vera juice for any reason,taking a doctor's advice is strongly recommended.Pregnant and lactating women are strictly forbidding from because of its laxative and irritant may also stimulate uterine contractions in women. It is also unsafe for children below twelve years of age,thanks.

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