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5 Healthy meals You Should Include In Your Meals

  Many people are battling with different types of health condition ,nutrition being one of the contributing factor to such conditions.They choose unhealthy meals that compromise their healthy and end up losing hope in life,Eating healthy meals is not only determined by financial status but also by having knowledge in nutritious foods .Without further a do ,I will equip you with important knowledge on planning healthy meals.    

                        1.Whole grain cereals.

Whole grains include unprocessed maize ,millet and sorghum flour,whole grain brown rice,brown bread,whole grain chapatti.They provide body with energy,proteins,fiber,minerals and vitamins

When purchasing read nutritional labels carefully , it is not only brown but whole grain cereal.



   There are different types of fruits with different colours and nutrition content.We should maximize consumption of fruits in our meal .Fruits are good sources of vitamins and minerals.Fruits can be chopped into pieces,blended to juices .They can also be mashed to puree before feeding infants below 12 months.

Reminder:Choose fruits that are in season to ensure your meal plan fits your budget. i.e Fruits that are not in season can be expensive and unavailable.Avoid giving infants below six months fruits and any other complementary food.

                       3.Lean meat

   Lean meat is low in fat and calories.It can be obtained from mutton,beef,pork,fish and poultry. When eating poultry and fish remove the upper fatty covering.Use low fat cooking methods as you prepare lean meat.Lean meat is a good source of proteins,selenium and vitamin B complex.Prepare in low temperatures too to avoid chemical reactions that lead to high levels of harmful compounds .Avoid red meat because it is high in saturated fat and cholesterol while your body doesn't need high amount of fat,needs fat of <30 % of total kilo calories/ day.Red meat is associated with high risks of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer.

           4. Green leafy vegetables

Half portion of you plate should be vegetables in any meal, they are rich in vitamins,minerals,antioxidants and fiber. There is variety of vegetables and one is free to choose any kind of vegetable depending on price,availability and knowledge on how to prepare them.Dark leafy vegetables include broccoli,spinach,lettuce and kale and are good sources of vitamins and minerals although , spinach is high in phytates.

                    5.Legumes and Pulses 


    legumes are good sources of proteins also provide number of minerals like iron ,zinc and potassium.There are different types of legumes that are safe for consumption. Examples of well known legumes are;yellow peas ,red lentils ,french beans and black eyed peas.Legumes are high in ant nutrients and should be soaked overnight before cooking them to reduce level of phytates,calcium oxalate and tannin .

 It is recommended to ensure nutrient balance and adequacy in your meals.Choose foods from the above mentioned foods to ensure food group moderation in meals.It is not must to consume all food groups in a single meal but aim at achieving balance in food group choice every day ,helps in acquiring daily recommended nutrient requirements hence healthy life.You should also choose unsaturated fats because they have low risks of cardiovascular diseases ,cancer and diabetes.


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