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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

"Are You Still Using These Products? You Might Regret it."

You are killing yourselves if you are doing this in your lifestyle.

Most people across the globe are not aware of what is taking them to early graveyard.

1. Drug addiction and abuse.

Alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana/bhang , caffeine among others can cause addiction and hence abuse.

It is clear that excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to ones health, here one has to consider his/her well being before and during consumption.

It is advisable that one should have proper diet to enable him/her gain strength during and after drug usage.

Drug abuse is not advisable since it leads to mis-management of finances thus depression

2. Excessive starch intake.

Sugar is a form of starch. In excess consumption of sugar products may lead to diseases related to the kidney like kidney stones and hence improper functioning of the organ which may need serious medication like transplant etc

Also, excessive starch intake may lead to skin disorders. These includes; acnes, pimples, sweat pores blockage, skin rushes etc.

3. Improper usage of steel wool.

This major factor of cleaning is key and mostly found in almost every household.

Though it is a critical item one should possess, it is secretly killing some of us when improperly used.

Steel wool used in cleaning utensils, when it is not cleansed off properly can cause corrosion in the stomach since it is Iron in nature.

Iron can react with saliva and the acid found in the mouth and stomach thus leading to cancerous cells emergence.

4. Lack of exercise.

Exercise is a major contributor to fitness and well being of the human body.

Lack of body exercise leads to organs dormancy hence improper functioning. Organs such as the heart requires frequent exercises like morning run, jelging, push ups, dances that stimulates normal blood pressure flow and thus enhancing stress relieve etc.

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