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Discover the medicinal values of rosemary and stay healthy

Living a healthy life is always a flex that each and every one of us would love to own. With me today I have something that will put a smile into your face. Rose marry is a plant that grows well in a well- drained soil and unlikely to thrive in clay soil. It’s a shrub that grows not too tall about one meter can stay up to 2years.

Rosemary is used in food as a spice, it is known to improve blood circulation hence when used in making hair food and applied in the scalp it improves hair growth.

The plant also has the potential to boost immunity since it contains antioxidants and ant inflammatory components. The ant inflammatory enables the plat to treat digestion problems as well.

Rosemary is a source of nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin B-6 hence the ability to boost immune system, and prevents memory loss as well as improving the memory.

Rosemary has the antioxidants which makes it able to neutralize harmful particles called free radicals.

Rosemary should not be taken in large quantities since it has some side effect. It can cause vomiting, coma and pulmonary edema. We should control the intake.

High dose of rosemary can cause miscarriage. People with ulcers high blood pressure should not take rosemary

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