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Why You Should Not Wash Unrecyclable Facemasks; Photos

Since covid-19 pandemic struck the country, wearing of facemasks have become a routine especially in public institutions such as schools, hospitals, churches, among others.However to save on cost individuals usually access the the washable facemasks that can be used more than once.On the other hand there are non-washable masks that are supposed to be disposed after use.

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Moreover it is evident that some people usually go ahead to wash this type of masks that are not reusable.This as result causes degradation of the quality of the facemasks hence making them less efficient for protection.However washing this masks causes them to be extremely loose offering poor protection to an individual against covid-19 virus.In addition they also gets worn out especially the handles supporting them.This however leads to poor protection among individuals. The government should however establish strategies to supply more facemasks to the public, to minimize the risks associated to use of low quality facemasks.

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