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Why Incorporating The Indigenous Kunde Leaves Into Your Diet Is So Important

Kunde leaves are traditional indigenous vegetables that have been forgotten in this modern culture.Kunde leaves are a powerhouse of abundant rich nutrients.

The amazing health benefits of kunde leaves are:-

•Kunde leaves are greatly rich in dietary fiber; which works in improving the digestive system.Kunde leaves prevent indigestion, diarrhea, constipation and any other digestive issues.It also aids in the loss of weight.

•Kunde leaves are rich in the vitamins A and C; which greatly boost the body's immune system.

•Kunde leaves contain a high amount of magnesium content ;which works in regulating the body's immune system.

•Kunde leaves are rich in the vitamins B1 and B2; which are powerful vitamins that assist in improving heart health.This aids in reducing heart inflammation and improving the functioning of the heart.

•Kunde leaves are good for skin health.They are highly beneficial in keeping one's skin smooth,glowing and youthful.They have major anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects as they slow down your body's aging signs such as fine lines,wrinkles and blemishes.

•Kunde leaves aid in decreasing the body's cholesterol levels thus preventing chronic diseases such as age related diseases and heart attacks.

•Kunde leaves are rich in iron; which increases the blood's circulation and the red blood cells.This works in preventing diseases such as anaemia.

•Kunde leaves enhance good hair health.They work by preventing hair loss,boosting the growth of hair,enhancing hair shine and working in maintaining its black colour.

•Kunde leaves prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body and act as natural detoxifiers;which means that they remove toxins form the body.

•Kunde leaves are good for bone health.Theybare rich in phosphorus,calcium, magnesium,zinc,boron,copper and vitamin D;which all help in the formation and maintainance of strong bones in the body.

•Kunde leaves help in preventing diabetes.Thisnis due to the rich amount of magnesium;which assists in the processing of the sugars known as glucose and also carbohydrates.

•Kunde leaves are good for pregnant women.The reason is because they contain vitamin B9(folic acid) ;which helps in the development of the foetus.Folic acid deficiency during pregnancy is dangerous as it might lead to birth defects.

•Kunde leaves aid with mental health.This is because they contain trytophan;which is important as it helps with issues such as insomnia and anxiety. Eating kunde leaves promotes good sleep,maintains high energy levels and enhances the appetite.

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