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Patients' Rights in accordance to the Rights Charter

Did you know that as a patient in a hospital you have rights? That has been made possible by the Patients Rights Charter. It was launched in the year 2013 and lists rights and responsibilities of patients. This is because without this guidelines, there would be gross violation of patients rights by hospitals. Many hospitals have the rights at the reception and wards where they are visible to everyone for awareness. Some of the rights include;

Right to confidentiality;

This is in regards to patients information that is collected by the caregivers who include nurses and doctors. Whatever information that is collected should not be disclosed to other people outside the hospital.

Right to privacy;

Whether you visit the hospital, once you leave the reception area, you are taken to assess rooms which ensure privacy. This ensures that a patient can discuss their health issues and get physically examined without onlookers watching.

Right to Information;

It is the responsibility of caregivers to provide the patient with information such as the type of services offered by the health facility and the benefits of the services.

Right to opinion;

A patient has a right to voice their opinion by giving their views and even seeking second opinions from another health facility.

Right to access;

Any person who attends a hospital at any time has a right to receive medical attention irrespective of race or gender.

Right to safety;

Any person who goes to a health facility has a right to access safe and efficient services in any government hospital and it is the responsibility of caregivers to ensure that safe services are offered to avoid botched services.

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