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Forget HIV Here Is Another Deadly Disease You should Be Aware Of And How To Prevent It

Menengitis is an inflammation of the meninges and occurs when fluid surrounding the meninges becomes infected. The main types of meningitis are viral and bacterial .

Causes of Meningitis.

People with compromised immunity for example those living with cancer or HIV, are at a great risk of being infected with meningitis.

The main causes include Cancer, chemical irritation,fungi and drug allergies as well as viruses and bacteria.

Menengitis is viral and can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing or close contact with an infected person.

Signs and symptoms of menengitis.

1. Irritability.

2. Sensitivity to light.

3. Stuff neck.

4. Lethargy.

5. Sleepiness.


7. Seizures.

Bacterial and viral menengitis can be deadly, so it's important to seek medical attention immediately.


The best way to prevent menengitis is to wear a mask and avoid crowded as well as getting vaccinated.

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