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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vitamins

Human body needs vitamins to stay healthy for it to function properly. Here I have collected for you, every information you need to know about various Vitamins.

Vitamin A

It is responsible for: young looking skin, beautiful hair, healthy nails, sharp vision and strong bones. It can be found in carrots, hard cheese, fish, eggs, spinach and liver. This vitamin can be destroyed by high temperature and long term preservation.

Vitamin B1

For good healthy muscles, good digestion, healthy heart and quality sleep you need this kind of vitamins. You can get this vitamin from pork, nuts, oats, brewing yeast legumes and wheat grass. It is destroyed by long term preservation, adding salt while cooking and drinking coffee between meals

Vitamin B2

This Vitamin is responsible for Regenerating cells, sharp vision and healthy muscles; it can be found in milk, eggs, mushroom, meat, yeast and buckwheat. Long term impact of light destroys this vitamin

Vitamin B5

It helps in quick recovery after an illness, good memory, healthy blood vessels and a healthy heart. It can be found in foods like meat, chicken, egg yolk, dairy products, legumes, nuts, yeast and broccoli; it is destroyed by repeated freezing

Vitamin B6

It is responsible for healthy blood vessels, strong nervous system and rejuvenating the body. It can be found in salmon fish, meat, wheat bran, green salad, cabbage and bananas. Long term exposure to light affects it.

Vitamin B12

For normal weight, good immunity, sound memory and a healthy gastrointestinal tract you need this vitamin; you can find this vitamin in egg yolk, fish, milk, cheese spinach and soybeans. High temperature and long impact of light affects or destroys it.

Vitamin C

It is responsible for good mood, smooth skin and healthy hair and nails. It can be found in dill, citrus fruits, peas, beans, radish kiwi fruit and red fruit. If you cook such foods, then you destroy this vitamin in it. You can eat a half an orange daily to get this vitamin

Vitamin D

It is responsible for healthy blood vessels and heart, immunity to colds, good blood coagulation and healthy bones. You get it from cheese, butter, cottage cheese, egg yolk, fish, seafood and potatoes. It is destroyed when you cook it in an alkaline condition.

Vitamin E

Normal operations of the reproductive system, cheerful moods and rejuvenating the body are its responsibilities. It can be found in meat, oil such as sunflower, corn, pumpkin, seed, olive and dairy products. If you preserve for a long time you will destroy it.

Vitamin K

For fast healing wounds, normal blood coagulation and producing the required amount of prothrombin in blood, take this vitamin which can be found in; spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries, red cabbage green tea and kelps. It us destroyed by long impact of light and preserving for a long time.

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