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Sad Situation in India, Over 2,000 People Die in 24 Hours as Photos of COVID-19 Emerges

The state of the COVID-19 in India continues to raise concerns around the world, whether the nation is capable of dealing with the disease or not.

Photo of the funeral ( Source: Reuters)

 For the fifth day in a row, India has been recording the highest number of infections while today alone 352,991 are infected. In addition, within 24 hours, India has confirmed the deaths of 2,812 people.

 In total the nation has recorded more than 17 million people infected with about 200,000 deaths from COVID-19.

 In addition, some COVID-19 patients are forced to be oxygenated at home and cared for by health workers as hospitals are overcrowded. Patients who are lucky enough to be taken by ambulance also have to be put on oxygen in these vehicles, with some walking with air cylinders.

According to Reuters, there have been shocking pictures of the funeral of COVID-19 victims in the country on social media, with authorities urging the twitter network to prevent them from appearing or removing them online.

Photo of the funeral ( Source: Reuters)

 Following these alarming statistics, Britain, Germany, and the United States have stepped up their supply of essential medicines and vaccines, including oxygen and bedding. The health sector in India has been severely affected, with many patients having to wait for more than four hours before being given only painkillers and continue to struggle in queues.

 WHO World Health Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has called on more nations to come forward and help India.

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