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Remember First Covid-19 Patients? See New Details That Have Emerged Concerning Them

When Kenya was first hit by this Corona virus commonly known as covid-19, everyone in the entire world panicked. Even the super power countries like United States of America, China, Italy were unable to control this pandemic. It took them almost a year before they were able to come up with a solution.

In connection to that, Kenya was not left behind with this international disaster. It hit Kenya very hard bringing everything in the country to a standstill. With education sector being the most affected. So many lives have been lost up to now.

I hope everyone can still remember the first ever covid-19 patients that is Brian and Brenda who went viral in 2019. However, new details have emerged that they are not likely to be Kenya's first covid-19 patients. This comes after research revealed that testing has found possible covid-19 infection in Kenya before even Brian and Brenda tested positive.

The Country's first patients could instead have been three adults from Western Kenya. According to antibody tests on stored blood from Kisumu and Kericho.

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