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Cleanse Your System Using This Simple Grapevine Treatment

The fruits (grapes), the leaves and the sap of the grapevine, have many medicinal properties and are an excellent natural food which lacks any kind of toxicity.

Grape juice is rich in substances with high biological value: sugar with high nutritive value, protein, vitamins, and minerals.


Its leaves, especially those of red grapevine, contain tannin with astringent properties, as well as abundant flavonoids and anthocynin colouring substances, which give the plant capillary permeability.


Grape treatment achieves a very notable deputation effect, which in common term is called "blood cleansing" which is nothing more than the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste that hinder the normal function of organs and tissues.

A grape treatment will reduce the congestion of all digestive organs, and especially that of the liver. Grapes contain easily assimilated sugars, and their protein s and fats have high biological value. It is thus recommended for all people wanting to enhance their healthy co dition, and especially in the following cases:

Fatty diet



Excess of cholesterol in the blood

Kidney diseases, kidney stones, nephritis, nephritis and kidney insufficiency.

Obesity. In spite of sugar they contain, calories of grapes are below 80 per 100g.

Chronic liver afflictions, hepatitis, cirrhosis, portal Hypertension.

Anaemia, physical exhaustion.

Lack of performance, asthenia, stress.

The seeds of grapes contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, whichare useful for treating excess cholesterol.

Footpath with grapevine leaves decoction

A more beneficial effect will be achieved for venous blood circulation in feet and legs when preparing two bowls.:

One of them with hot decoction of grapevine.

The other one with cold water.

Put your feet for five minutes into the container with the hot decoction, then for 10 minutes in the one containing cold water. Alternate three to four times, always hot decoction first and cold water last. After this, you can have an ascending foot massage(Encyclopedia of medicinal plants V1 pg 478)

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