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What Happens If You Don't Take ARVs at The Right Time

With the current drugs, HIV/AIDS is easily manageable and people have been living healthy with it. ARVs are currently being used to suppress the virus. You will be taking them for the rest of your life without skipping a day. 

 ARV treatments are meant to prevent the proliferation of these viruses to uncontrollable level.

They simply help in suppressing them to keep the immune system up and running. Most HIV related deaths are normally caused by opportunity infections which have been attributed to weak immune system.

This clearly explains how the drugs strengthen your immune system to fight such infections. Therefore, failing to take the drug on time could pose dangers. Some might be forced to stop having their drugs due to the side effects that come with them.

If this is the case, you will need to see a doctor to prescribe you a different drug. But most of these symptoms go away after sometimes. 

This is what will happen to you;

1. The virus will become resistant to the drug 

It's pretty clear that the dangers of skipping your drugs are devastating. If you stop having them even for a single day, the immune system might be thrown out of whack.

So, it won't provide maximum protection and thus leading to massive proliferation of the virus since it has become resistant to the drug.

2. The virus starts making copies of itself.

ARV is meant to suppress the virus from proliferating in the blood. If you don't take them on time, the virus takes advantage and starts multiplying rapidly.

The aftermath of this is weak immune system and this may undoubtedly result in death. 

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