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The Best Cancer Fighting Foods

In this world no food that can completely secure people from cancer. The term cancer fighting foods that is commonly used by doctors refers to foods that lowers the risk of developing cancer in our bodies if you add them in your daily diets. In this article we will be looking at the best fighting cancer foods and explain a little why doctors prefer them.

Foods that contain compounds that help our bodies to have the strength to fight cancer are:


An apple contain a compound know as polyphenols that helps in fighting cancer. By adding this fruit in your diet several time per week will help you in keeping the doctor away. Some of the research done by the best doctors in the world says that the polyphenols found in apples, posses anticancer and tumor fighting properties.


Now berries are very rich n vitamins, minerals and fibers. The doctors said that “Berries have an antioxidant, properties that are a huge benefit to the human bodies. One research shown that blackberries have a compound know as anthocyanin that helps in lowering the risk of developing colon cancer.

3.Cruciferous vegetables.

Vegetables like, broccoli, cauliflower, and kales are rich in nutrients that are vitamin c and vitamin k. A research conducted showed that vegetables mentioned above have a compound know as sulforaphane which has anticancer properties that helps in fighting it. All doctors say that eating vegetables several times per week is the best for preventing cancer from developing in human bodies.

4.Fatty fish.

Some examples of fish like, salmon, mackerel and others are rich in vitamin B and omega 3. One research conducted by the experts showed that people who eat fish from fresh waters have a lower risk of developing cancer. They also said that people who take fish oil several times are not likely to develop colon cancer than people who don’t take.

Finally, the best thing to always remember is that eating a balanced diet is good for your health. Remember to takes fresh fruits, vegetables and even the good fats for your own benefits. The foods above are meant just for preventing not curing.


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Best Cancer Fighting Foods


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