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Checkout Some Early Symptoms Of HIV, If You Notice Some, See Your Doctor Immediately

On this article, we will love to educate our humble and lovely Readers some facts about HIV and some early symptoms of HIV.

What Is HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one disease known to fight cells that help our body stand against infection and diseases.

HIV is spread or transmitted by contact with certain bodily fluids of a person with HIV.

HIV is mostly transmitted through unprotected meeting or through sharing infected equipment.

HIV is a manageable health condition that has no effective cure, it is only treatable with medicine.

In most developed countries, many people with HIV do not develop AIDS because they follows all Doctors advise and they takes HIV medicine every day as prescribed by their Doctors.

Some of the early symptoms of HIV may include:

1: Headache

2: Fever

3: Tiredness

4: Swollen Lymph Nodes

5: Sore Throat

6: Thrush

7: Muscle and joint pain

Note: The only one way to know you have HIV is to get tested and know your HIV status to Help you make healthy decisions.

HIV symptoms arise within one to two months after transmission and it is advised that when you feel some of these symptoms you should not delay visiting your Doctor to be sure of your HIV status.

If HIV is left untreated, it can lead to a higher disease called AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) where the immune system is severely damaged and is vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

Source: HIV. gov

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