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"I Will Never Give Up On My Dying Mother" Shalot

We always define life according to what we see and experience. That is why you may find to some people life is good while to others they feel like they were born to suffer and life is not fair to them. This is what is currently happening to Shalot's life who is a primary school dropout.

According to the story aired by Afrimax English,on their official youtube channel, they revealed all the hardship this little girl going through in order to make sure that her sick mother is atleast well taken care of. These all problems began like four years ago when their father who was the family bread provider died from unknown illness. The death was a life changer and a sign that things will not be okay for them. So her mother decided to start to hustle and at least provide foe Shalot and her two siblings.

But abruptly the sickness that killed their dad also started on her, she started feeling pain all over the body and it is like her bones were breaking. This forced Shalots two siblings to drop out of school and go to look for jobs in the city, so that they can help their family.

Shalot's Mother tried to visit the hospital but all the tests carried were negative, the local doctors have also failed to reveal the illness that is eating her up, now she can't walk and she is very weak and thin, her eyes don't see. This is the reason that made Shalot to drop out of school and come and take care of her sick mother.

Shalot works for long hours without rest, because she is the only one who does all the chores and make sure her mother has received daily meal. She believes that one day that her mother will get well so that she can get chance to go back to school again. She said she will never give up on her, and she is currently begging for help from well wishers so that her mother can get advance medication, and get back to normal. We wish them all the best and God help them so that everything can get back to normal.

Click the link to watch the video, and also see details on how you can sent your donations.

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