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6 good reason you should consume capsicum

Capsicum or bell pepper is an evergreen plant that grows in many part of the world including kenya.its commonly known as pili pili hoho in kenya.these vegetable tends to come in various colors like yellow,green, orange or red color.

Capsicum are quite high in nutrients like vitamin c, vitamin A and other today article I'm going to write about 6 good reason you should opt to eat capsicum.

1 capsicum are rich in vitamin c which can strengthen your immune system and help your immune cells to effectively fight against pathogens attacking your body.

2 capsicum contains lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids which helps to improve eye health when consumed in adequate amount.

3 capsicum have anti inflammatory properties that are believed to relieve pain arising from arthritis.

4 they prevent anemia especially the red capsicum because they are the main source of iron and vitamin c which increases the absorption of iron from the gut.

5 capsicum is low in calories and it contains capsaicin which aids in burning excess fat and therefore regular absorption of capsicum aids in weight lose.

6 capsicum being rich in antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties . capsicum provide several anti cancer benefits.the enzymes present in capsicum help to prevent gastric cancer and oesophagus cancer.

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