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Health benefits of eating avocado

Avocados offer an abundance of fiber, potassium and vitamins B6 and C. They are also rich in folate, which can boost your mood.

Avocado eaters tend to be healthier. They have higher nutrient intake and lower rates of metabolic syndrome. They also have lower weight, less belly fat and higher levels of high density lipoprotein, or good cholesterol.

Avocados can help you better absorb antioxidants. Some nutrients are fat soluble. That means you should consume them with fats so your body can properly absorb them. Eating carotenoids with avocado or avocado oil increased their absorption.

Avocados may help prevent and treat cancer. A compound derived from avocado, can help kill leukemia cells. Plant compounds in avocados make them potentially beneficial for preventing cancer.

Avocados can reduce your risk of heart disease. Eating one avocado per day as part of a moderate fat, cholesterol lowering diet reduced bad cholesterol.

Avocados may boost brain health and memory. The fruit is rich in oleic acid an omega 9 fatty acid that is linked to improved cognition. These types of acids can enhance memory.

Avocados may help lower the risk of depression. Eating unsaturated fats found in avocado have been shown to reduce depression. The high amount of folate has been shown to help maintain your brain’s feel good chemicals, dopamine and serotonin.

Avocados can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases. Diverse array of bioactive nutrients present in avocados play a key role in the prevention and cure of these types of diseases.

Avocados can keep your eyes healthy as you age. The fruit is rich in the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which can help protect and maintain healthy cells in your eyes. Avocado can help boost macular pigment with age.

Avocados can help prevent gum disease. Key ingredients in avocados may enhance protective effects against periodontal disease.

Avocados can help ease osteoarthritis. Key ingredients in avocados can help patients with arthritis of the hip or knee.

Avocados can combat metabolic syndrome.

Avocados can help prevent food poisoning. Antibacterial activity of avocados can help protect against pathogens that cause poisoning.

Avocados can help reduce liver damage. Avocados contain chemicals that can protect against liver toxins. They also lessen the liver damage caused by the hepatitis C virus.

Avocados can be great for pregnant women. Avocados are high in folate and potassium as well as fiber, fats and lipid soluble antioxidants all of which are tied to improvements in maternal health, birth outcomes and quality of breast milk.

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