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The Reason Why Alcohol Is The Most Popular Drug In The World

Alcohol is one of the most abused drugs in the world. Statistics have it that at least 2 billion people consume alcohol while 76 million alcohol abusers have been affected by alcohol disorders such as alcohol dependence. The fact that alcohol is legalized in many countries retailed at a considerably cheaper price compared to other drugs has greatly contributed to the huge numbers of alcoholics.Alcohol Abuse Treatment - What Is <a class=Alcohol Abuse? |"/>

Despite being categorized by medics as a mild drug, alcohol has a lot of health effects to its users such as liver cirrhosis and stroke. Moreover, alcohol can cause body deformities when consumed for a long period of time. For example, some of the men who take it can develop "male breasts" in their late 40's, a condition which many people are ashamed to talk about.Does Drinking Beer Really Make You Fat? | HowStuffWorks

A recent study by medical scientists revealed that prolonged consumption of alcohol leads to production of oestrogen hormone, which is responsible for sexual development in women. When it is produced in men, it leads to development of bodily structures similar to female breasts.Beer Belly Myth - You&#39;re fat stupid | Belly fat | We R Stupid

However, it is good to understand that some men can still develop the "male breasts" due to some genetic disorders or due to poor eating habits. Please stay healthy by regulating the amount of alcohol that you consume.

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